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We can be of assistance to any size US law firm. 

Does your large law firm have a conflict representing a senior executive or an entire management team with employment agreements, equity grants, or in a transaction? We can help. Our decades of AM Law 200, partner-level experience means that we are familiar with the relevant issues and can get the matter completed quickly. We are zealous and knowledgeable advocates, not uninformed flamethrowers.  

Are you working for a small or mid-sized law firm without a dedicated executive compensation or employee benefits lawyer? If so, we can be your cost-effective outsourcing solution.

We have advised companies, private equity firms and financial institutions on hundreds of stock purchase, unit purchase, merger, and asset purchase agreements as well as on credit agreements. We know what is important and what is not. We can differentiate between "market" terms and overreaches.

Our expertise can be brought to bear as broadly or as narrowly as needed for your client. Need full-scale due diligence on employee benefits matters for an acquisition? Happy to be of assistance.

Just want a review of the tax code Section 409A aspects of a proposed severance arrangement? Give us a call.